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扶余市盛寶玻璃制品有限公司(Fuyu City Shengbao Class Products Co,.Ltd.)



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地址:扶余市扶余工業集中區哈爾濱街南側(Harbin street,FUyun industrial concetrated area,Jilin Province)
  扶余市盛寶玻璃制品有限公司位于吉林省扶余市工業集中區內,這里景色宜人,交通便捷。公司占地面積40000平方米,建筑面積25000平方米。公司擁有一支求真、務實、科學、嚴謹、積極進取的團隊。這支團隊忠于職守,愛崗敬業;努力學習技術,不斷提高技術技能和技術水平;求真務實,不斷創新?,F有技工百余人,都是國內有著多年從事該行業的技術精英,是從不同的區域精選出來的。我們公司是全國僅有的幾家專業生產日用鋼化玻璃器皿制品企業之一。公司從國外引進先進生產設備,采用比利時專業的鋼化杯生產技術和生產工藝,大大的提高了產品的質量和檔次。我公司的產品,以高白料消毒鋼化玻璃杯為主,同時還生產其他高白料玻璃器皿,如口杯、碗、碟、蠟燭臺、各式水具等各式玻璃雜件。這些產品均以其獨特的風格,過硬的質量,為廣大客戶所接受、所認可、所贊譽。先進的生產設施,完善的管理機制,創造出了優質的產品。我公司生產的盛寶鋼化杯,一直被客戶譽為最值得信賴的放心產品。我們的產品以其獨特的魅力,不僅遍布于在我國的各大、中城市,每個省市均由我公司的客戶,同時還活躍在每個偏遠的角落,也就是說隨處可見盛寶鋼化杯??梢娢覀兊漠a品不僅暢銷國內,還遠銷歐美、中東、港澳等多個國家和地區,并與眾多的客戶建立了長期穩定的友好合作關系。公司前景廣闊,我們的宗旨是:以質量求生存,以科技謀發展,以誠信贏天下。我們的經營理念是:質量為首,服務為重,客戶至上,誠信共贏。盛寶鋼化玻璃器皿,憑借專業的技術、良好的質量、可靠的信譽、優質的服務,立足市場,追求卓越,打造品牌,贏得了全國乃至世界部分地區的認可。誠冀廣大業界有識之士,跟我們公司一道,長期合作,互惠互利,共同發展,共同創造美好的明天!我們深信:我們的明天一定會更加燦爛,更加輝煌!Fuyu Shengbao Glass Products Co. , Ltd. is located in the industrial concentration area of Fuyu City, Jilin Province, where the scenery is pleasant and the traffic is convenient. The company covers an area of 40,000 square meters and Gross leasable area 25,000 square meters. The company has a truth-seeking, pragmatic, scientific, rigorous, aggressive team. This team is devoted to their duties, loves their posts and is dedicated to their work. They work hard to learn technology and constantly improve their technical skills and technical level. More than 100 existing technicians, are engaged in the domestic industry for many years of technical elite, is selected from different regions. Our company is one of the only companies in the country specializing in the production of household toughened glass. The company imported advanced production equipment from abroad, using Belgiums professional production technology and Production Cup production technology, greatly improved the quality and grade of products. Our companys products, mainly to high-white tempered glass, but also produced other high-white glassware, such as Mouth Cup, Bowl, dish, candle holder, various types of water and other glass accessories. These products are in its unique style, excellent quality, for the majority of customers accepted, recognized, praised. Advanced production facilities and perfect management mechanism have created high-quality products. Our company produces Shengbao Steel Cup, has been praised by customers as the most reliable rest assured products. Our products with its unique charm, not only in Chinas major cities, in every province and city by my companys customers, but also active in every remote corner, that is to say, everywhere can be seen Shengbao Steel Cup. It can be seen that our products not only sell well at home, but also exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Hong Kong and Macao and other countries and regions, and with a large number of customers to establish long-term and stable friendly cooperative relations. The companys broad prospects, our purpose is: to quality of survival, to science and technology development, to win the world in good faith. Our business philosophy is: Quality First, service first, customer first, integrity and win-win. Shengbao toughened glass, with professional technology, good quality, reliable reputation, quality service, based on the market, the pursuit of excellence, to create a brand, won the recognition of the country and even parts of the world. Sincerely hope that the majority of the industry, with our company, long-term cooperation, mutual benefit, common development, to create a better tomorrow! We are convinced that: our tomorrow will be more brilliant, more brilliant!

版權所有:扶余市盛寶玻璃制品有限公司(Fuyu City Shengbao Class Products Co,.Ltd.) 電話:0438-6936866

地址:扶余市扶余工業集中區哈爾濱街南側(Harbin street,FUyun industrial concetrated area,Jilin Province) ICP備案編號:吉ICP備19003365號-1 技術支持:盤古網絡【盤古建站】

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